Residential Solar Power System

We only use the most reliable brands of solar panels and inverters and match it with high quality service.
Each installation will comply with Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines.



There has never been a better time to buy solar for your home. Prices for premium quality systems are the best they have ever been while the rebates are slowly being reduced and power prices continue to rise. We have a range of products to suit all budgets and even a 24 month interest free package.



Living on a property often means your solar requirements are different. You may want to install on a shed, have battery power to run pumps during blackouts or you may even require an off grid system. We have extensive experience in all these areas along with the right products and prices to suit your needs.



We have been installing in Strata communities and Retirement villages for a long time and meet all the requirements to install in solar approved environments. It takes a bit more work but we don't mind spending the time with you to help get it organised.



Large scale installation is carried out by our project teams so that a high percentage of the requirements of the corporate is met. Reduced load requirement from the common grid makes them qualify for Govt subsidies.



Our sophisticated design and execution is well-known. We strive hard to complete the project on time and ensure a smooth flow of energy from the augmented grid.



Small and Medium industries would stand to benefit a great deal from Solar Zone as their requirements could be totally obtained from solar energy itself. Their eligibility for subsidies would go several fold higher when they become self sufficient in power usage.

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