Posted by Colin from

Went for an enphase system with micro - inverters and a couple of small batteries. A bit more expensive but it allows us to monitor energy use so we can optimise our use of electricity to minimise the amount of electricity used from the grid. Currently grid export to import ratio should mean zero usage cost on our next bill

Posted by Joan from

The workers arrived on the promised date on time. They were polite, cheerful and helpful. All the work was very neat, and there was no mess left to clean up after they left. The panels are generating far more electricity than we expected, especially as we have just gone through winter.

In short, we are more than happy to recommend them.

Posted by Barry from

The installation was on time and on cost.
The installation was quick and thorough by competant technicians.
Dialog with the company was good.
System has had no problems since installation 3 months ago and has exceeded expectation during the late summer, Autumn and early Winter.
I can recommend this company based on the installation at my home.

Posted by Steve from

So many Fantastics! I initially wanted to go with these guys because they were local (always do local), then Rebecca, their salesperson, was absolutely natural, delightful and so helpful. Then their price ended up the cheapest within my requirements. They were very busy with installations (another indication of how well regarded they are?) so their install date was down the track a bit... but bang on the date they were here. Bryce's installer team were friendly, open to questions... and quick, efficient and tidy. They were almost gone once they started - sort of! And now it's up and running, we are "over the moon". After a few weeks a technical issue with monitoring was resolved remotely and almost instantly by the big boss- they didn't forget us once they had our money! From go to whoa this was a brilliant experience from a local. I very highly recommend this organisation.

Posted by Aaron from

The salesman and the installation crew were a good bunch of guys. Did a good job. We installed an enphase system so we can monitor production and consumption, which is great.

Posted by Adrian from

Very easy company to deal with. Very happy with end result. I can confidently recommend this solar installer.

Posted by Necia from

Competitive price, Great company to deal with, professional didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. Worked with me to get the best system for our family's needs. Installation went ahead as planned and good follow up. Very happy

Posted by Julie from

Very efficient wonderfull installers and did a great job no hassles from start to finish would recommend the company to others who are considering installing solar.

Posted by Kit from NSW

I was extremely pleased with the installation service provided to us today. I was especially impressed with the way that the electricians were additionally able to fix our lighting problem, which they traced to an outside light that had beed improperly installed by another company of electricians last week, leaving us without lights for 4 days. The all Green Environmental Solutions staff worked very hard and were always polite in their interactions with me and my family.

Posted by Ken from NSW

The sales guys were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to but the stars of the company were the installation crew. They were very professional and did a great job.
I work in the construction industry? So I am very picky who I get to do any work around my house as there is a lot of shonky people out there. All green environmental solutions exceeded my expectations with getting the job done right and cleaning after themselves.
I would highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for a great solar installer.